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  • How I Stopped Smoking - Chris's Story

    Smoking is proven to be 95% more harmful than vaping, however it never easy to just quit smoking so to help you stop smoking we have posted one of the stories of a staff member. We hope this may inspire people to give up cigarettes for good or at least serve as proof that it is possible. With some help you to could give up those fags for good and live a healthier life!
  • What is PG and VG?

    If you vape I’m sure you have heard the term “VG & PG” but for lots of vapers these are nothing more than fancy words that are uttered by the salesman at your local vape shop. But what is VG & PG? What ratio should you use? Does it even effect me? Don’t panic we have the answers your looking for!
  • Why Vaping Works - Habit & Addiction

      In order to understand why vaping is so successful when it comes to quitting smoking, we must first address the 2 main factors that causes you t...
  • Vaping vs smoking cigarettes

    One of the biggest questions of the century is what is better vaping vs smoking cigarettes? Smoking history Smoking has been around for hundreds of...
  • Is vaping cheaper than smoking – E-cigarette costs explained

    Is vaping cheaper than E-cigarettes or “vapes” are an alternative to smoking real cigarettes but without actual smoke and a fraction of the harmful...
  • How is vaping better than smoking?

    How is vaping better than smoking is one of the biggest questions asked of the 21st century. There are many people for and many people against vapi...
  • The best place to buy vape juice online

    The best place to buy Vape juice online
  • What is the best vape juice?

    What is the best vape juice online?
  • How to rebuild a Vape RTA and rewick cotton

    How to change the cotton on a RTA mod
  • How many shots of nicotine per 120ml juice?

    How many shots of nicotine to use in shortfill vape juice bottles is a very commonly asked question. Here we will break it down easily for you: 50 ...