How I Stopped Smoking - Chris's Story

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On this post, I wanted to share my story of how I gave up smoking in the hope it may inspire others to try. 

When I was 16 I made probably one of the most regrettable decisions of my life. One of my friends who was seen as one of the 'cool kids' he was stronger, better looking and more social than me so naturally I wanted to be more him.

One day when we where hanging out at our local park he offered me cigarette, and me being the angsty teen that needed to prove to myself, my friend and the whole world that I was cool, accepted this offer and took the cigarette, lit it and coughed, and thought to myself why would anyone do this? However my incessant need to fit in and seem cool took over and I continued to smoke the cigarette.

Fast forward 8 years, thousands of pounds and a lot of irreversible damage to my body, I was smoking around 15 - 20 cigarettes a day and had a cough, a rattly chest and a girl friend that hated sharing a bed due to my outrageously loud snoring, I thought its time I stopped smoking. I tried going cold turkey ...... it failed, so i tried nicotine patches ...... it failed, then my friend introduced me to vaping, Initially I was resistant as I'm not a long bearded hipster that only drinks craft beer and enjoys poetry, however despite my misinformed  preconceptions of 'Vapers' my friend (who isn't a hipster) continued to push the idea on me. Eventually I gave in and went to my local vape shop and purchased an Innokin T18E vape pen, with tobacco flavoured e-liquid with 6mg nicotine, It was gross I hated the flavour and was just about to pack it in, when my friend told me to try his pink lemonade which was a lot nicer than my tobacco, so I decided I will buy some pink lemonade as well as a few other flavours. 

It has now been 2 years since I have touched a cigarette, my cough has gone, my chest no longer rattles and my girl friend can now get a good night sleep. Also vaping has allowed me to slowly cut down my nicotine and as of 2 months ago, I've been nicotine free. If it wasn't for vaping I know that I would still be smoking cigarettes and suffering from the side effects. 

Just as a side note I wanted to say if you don't smoke or vape currently please don't start, it is by no means cool or fun to do so. However if you do smoke and are having trouble quitting, eflavourz have a dedicated team of staff (including myself) that are always available to talk to and can offer the right help, advice and products so that you are able to write your own success story.

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