How is vaping better than smoking?

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How is vaping better than smoking is one of the biggest questions asked of the 21st century.

There are many people for and many people against vaping with medical professionals releasing new studies weekly with different results to the last.

 With vaping stores and websites popping up rapidly it's easy to see why so many people get excited over vaping in the UK. 

The issue is that smoking has been around since before the wheel was invented and had been around long enough for people to know the side effects and long term issues.

Whereas, with vaping it's still relatively early days, with vaping only booming into its current era within the last 5 years. 

There is however a few things that we do know about Vaping. 

Vaping liquids contain much less harmful chemicals than smoking does with its 2 main ingredients being VG and PG to enhance flavour and cloud (vape) production. 

Vaping also does not contain tar which is one of the most harmful substances from smoking where tar can clog the lungs up. Therefore vaping, in this instance, can help towards doing less long term damage from tar. 

After vaping for a while you can use the liquid to ease yourself off nicotine slowly by most people starting on 12mg then weaning off bit by bit until they no longer rely on nicotine. 

Not to mention that vaping can be cheaper than smoking spending on the level of smoker prior to the change. 

An average smoker who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day spends up to £40 per week whereas the average vape juice bottle costs between £8-£25 lasting an average of 1-2 weeks. 

Then you need to add in your coils, mods, cotton etc but it still averages cheaper per month than smoking which is always a good thing! 

The one issue with vaping is all the insanely creative flavours you can come across from the people's favourite grape through to sweet dessert flavours such as Raspberry screwball reflecting the most iconic ice cream from the 90s! 

To learn the factual medical differences between vaping and smoking speak to your doctor who can provide you with the most relevant information over whether vaping would be beneficial for your needs or not. 



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