How to rebuild a Vape RTA and rewick cotton

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How to rebuild a Vape and rewick cotton will be your first large challenge to overcome when you move down the rebuildable vape route. It will be challenging to learn but once you have it there is no going back from that extreme flavour that is your reward!

So where do we begin when rebuilding a RTA vape? From the beginning when it's all beautiful clouds and mouth watering flavours to suddenly dark and husky tastes wishing you were back at the beginning!

Dont worry we have all been there umming and aahing over where to start and how to change the cotton. What we will need first is some tools:

-Some cotton (personally use cotton bacon) 

- Tweezers

- Scissors 


So first of all you want to remove the lid and tank however make sure the tank still has a very small amount of juice left inside otherwise it will dry lock on seal and be a nightmare to get off! 

Next you want to remove the old cotton with the tweezers and dispose of in the bin. After this you want to fire the trigger several times until the coil glows red from center outwards. Every other trigger fire you want to use the tweezers to gently scrape the top of the coil from side to side removing the grime and build up off the coil until it returns back to original shiny grey as of when it was first installed. 


When you think it's all clean, you can either leave it for 10 minutes to cool down or blow on it gently lowering the temperature of the coil. Next step is to get your cotton break a piece off roughly 2-3cm long. Roll one end very gently between your fingers making it smaller and narrower until you can smoothly fit it through the coil with very little restraint from the coil. 

This next step not many people do however personally I believe it works wonders for flavour. You fluff both sides of the cotton up and split directly in half. Raise both top half (either side) upwards and gently snip the cotton in half so thinning the cotton roughly by 50% either side of the coil. This should leave the cotton thicker inside the coil and thinner outside leading into the juice reserve 


You next want to wet each side of the cotton with juice and very carefully using the tweezers poke the cotton ends into the bottom of the tank where the juice falls too taking care the cotton tip only slightly enters the bottom as otherwise if you place too much excess cotton in the drip floor it will choke the cotton. 

Finally you want to drop a few drops of juice on top the coil several times to prime the new cotton and fire the trigger burning the liquid straight onto the coil. 

Rebuild the top and replace the tank and secure the lid in place. Lastly before vaping away to some sorely missed, incredibly tasty juice, make sure you suck/inhale on the mouth piece several times before firing the trigger just to soak the new cotton ready for your first inhale. 


There you have it, a new rewicked coil ready to be juiced up!! 

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