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Where is the best place to buy vape juice online? This is a huge question with multiple answers.

With 1000's of companies all over the UK alone all selling vape juice both online and in store the competition is fierce. With retailers all fighting to provide the cheapest vape juice and some online stores platforms almost giving it away it can be a very confusing world to buy vape juice!

Searching vape juice online on google will bring up hundreds of thousands of listings all with each company claiming to be cheaper than the next! Eflavourz keeps its margins down to ensure return of consistent happy customers by only charging £9.99 per 120ml and also providing a free second class shipping option alongside only £2 for first class!

There is a fine line between quality and price in the vape juice world. Focus on keeping the price down and you will compromise the quality of the juice in some situations however paying top prices does not necessarily mean that you will receive top quality products!

When buying vape juice its very similar to buying running shoes, once you have a pair you know works for you its very hard to change to something new.

Join local forums or Facebook groups and listen to what others are saying. Sooner or later you will spot a trend in the group of certain vape juice brand names that keep appearing and you will get to reach out to members of community for their experience with flavours or brands before you spend your hard earned money on them.

When you find a juice that works for you, break down the elements. Do you like the koolade giving a nice ice hit? Do you like the fruity blend or the menthol hit? Once you start to realise what you do and don't like you will learn what flavours would be a likely match to your well tuned pallet!

Leave a comment in the comments box below with your favourite juice and a short description to help other vapers branch out and try new juices!

Happy vaping!!





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