Vaping vs smoking cigarettes

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One of the biggest questions of the century is what is better vaping vs smoking cigarettes?

Smoking history

Smoking has been around for hundreds of years dating back to Indians passing the peace pipe! As smoking has been around for so long is has given scientists a long period of time to extensively research what short term and long term effects it has on us.

Vaping history 

Vaping hasn't been around anywhere near as long as smoking has therefore not giving it long enough to be fully researched into long term side effects. Vaping started from 'fake cigarette puffing sticks' all the way through into rebuildable mods designed for large clouds. Despite the length of time vaping has been around there is a few things we do know.

So is vaping better for you than smoking?

This is a bold statement alot of people ask regularly and there is not enough research to back up the statement. There is however a few things we do know differentiating smoking and vaping.

So what do we know?

Smoking contains several very harmful substances which vaping does not such as tar. Tar is a sticky substance which fills the lungs up lowering the oxygen capacity making breathing more difficult. One of the greatest wins behind vaping Is there is 0% tar taking away all the nasties mentioned above from vaping.

So what is vape liquid made of?

Vape liquid is made of 3 main elements. VG, PG and flavourings. VG creating the clouds, PG enhancing the flavours and flavourings creating the vapers paradise bringing all the magical flavours to life!

How much should I pay for vape juice? 

Now here is the biggest question on this thread! With vape shops on every corner and online vape stores opening every night each with their own set of prices with high Street stores ranging from £10-£25 and online stores ranging £6-15 on average.

Where to buy vape juice from?

Going into shops is nice as you can try out vape juices in most reputable stores but you will pay up to double per bottle. Some stores such as Eflavourz you can reach out too and they will provide low cost sample bottles/packs so you can see what you like without shelling out the money until you are certain.


So to conclude it's personal opinion over which is better. My personal view is vaping is a much better alternative, helping kick the stinkies whilst also improve lung capacity along with multiple other bodily functions can never be a bad thing!

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  • Totally agree, I have been vaping since I quit smoking 5 years ago and my health has dramatically improved.

    Personally I would never go back to smoking cigarettes now.

    Mark on

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