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What is PG and VG?

What Is PG & VG?

PG stands for Propylene Glycol and VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin, these are the 2 main ingredients of most e-liquids. Other ingredients are water, Flavouring and nicotine (optional).

How To Find Out The Ratio Of PG & VG?

PG and VG are normally displayed on the front of most e-liquid bottles and indicate the ratio between PG and VG content within the bottle for example a bottle that is 80VG and 20PG means that the bottle has is made up with 80% Propylene Glycol and 20% Vegetable Glycerin.

Why Does It Matter What PG & VG Is In An E-liquid?

The different ratio of PG to VG can alter your vaping experience and some vape devices cant handle a E-liquid with a high VG content.

The higher the VG level in an E-liquid means it will have more viscosity (thicker) it will generate more vapour and will be smoother on your throat. The higher the VG will also effects the flavour of the juice and in most cases the higher it is the less flavour you get.

The higher the PG level the less viscosity the liquid has this means that smaller devices can use it. It will generate less vapour and will be a bit harsher on your throat. However in most cases you will get greater flavour.

Still Confused? Here Our Recommendation

If you are new to vaping stick with eliquids that have 50PG and 50VG, this liquid should work in most vape devices and offer the most flavour, and if you are quitting smoking and using vaping as an alternative, 50PG and 50VG liquid will be the most similar experience.

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