What is the best vape juice?

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What is the best vape juice? Finding the best vape juice can be a lot easier than people think. Everybody has their go to flavours, as long as you break down the compounds and learn what you elements you like finding the best flavour for you couldn't be easier.

Finding the best vape juice for you can be just as difficult as buying a car if not done properly!

Every vape juice is different, some sweet, some fizzy, menthol after taste, explosive sour first taste, cool on the exhale... You get the picture!

So today, we are going to go through some of the most common and most popular favourite vape juices sold online.

First up, everyone's favourite grape. Grape is a flavour of the past time with people loving it in all styles of products. Sodas, sweets, vape juices or real sweet tastings grapes!

Grape is always one of the best sellers in any vape shop you talk to with good reason!

Next up, Lemonade. Lemonade can come in various styles. Sweet, pink and sparkling are the most commonly found vape juices. The one common thing you will find in all good quality Lemonade vape juices is that they all leave a quality tingle on the tongue which satisfies a part of you that you didn't realise existed.

One thing to always remember is that ideally you should consistently change between a minimum of two different flavours, ideally every tank change. Most commonly people will switch between a sweet flavour and a dessert flavour such as Raspberry screwball.

The reason for this is by switching between such different tastes it helps keep the taste buds alive and prevents the dreaded vape tongue.

Vape tongue is a horrible condition which is the sudden loss of flavour from all foods and drinks. One day its your favourite all day vape and the next day its a disgusting juice you can't bear to touch!

So how to cure vape tongue?

There are several different methods commonly found online. Use of ground coffee beans on the tongue is supposed to reset your senses.

Lemon juice is another way of zapping your taste buds back to life. 

Coffee flavour juices or my personal favourite menthol flavours such as spearmint. This works wonders for vape tongue and due to the high strength of menthol can reset the taste buds in as quick as 24 hours!

There are thousands of juices out there and you just need to keep trying until you find the right one!

Help other vapers out by posting your favourite vape juice in the comments below! 

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