Why Vaping Works - Habit & Addiction

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In order to understand why vaping is so successful when it comes to quitting smoking, we must first address the 2 main factors that causes you to continue smoking in the first place, in my opinion these are habit and substance addiction.

What Is Substance Addiction?

Substance addiction relates to the body's dependance on a certain substance, with smoking this substance is nicotine, with coffee and energy drinks, these substances are caffeine and sugar. In small enough doses this substances are relatively harmless, however if you consume too much you become more dependant on them to function properly and when you stop consuming them you may become irritable and fatigued.

What Is Habit?

A habit is something you do on a regular basis, such as make your bed in the morning or brush your teeth these are examples of some positive habits, however not all habits are good for you such as biting your nails or going out for a cigarette. These habits although might seem easy on the surface to just stop, they can be really tricky as we structure a-lot of our lives around them and just stopping them can leave you feeling lost and disorientated.

Why Vaping Works

By choosing vaping as a means to quit smoking you initially keep both your habit and substance addiction in place, you can go outside for a vape just like you would a cigarette and you can get your fix of nicotine whilst doing 95% less harm to your body! 

Once you are off the cigarettes and are vaping you have a lot more control over the amount of nicotine you take in, this gives you the power to slowly wean yourself off of nicotine over time, which means you wont have the negative effects of withdrawal.

Finally once you are nicotine free you only have the habit to face, which once again with nicotine free E-liquid you are able to do this at your own pace.


By choosing to quit smoking by vaping, you still keep control over your habit and rather than facing both substance addiction and habit face on, you are able to quit smoking at the best pace that suits you and are twice as likely to succeed compared to other alternatives.

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