Our History

Eflavourz is an independent business located in Glastonbury, Somerset located in the United Kingdom. 

My journey began when after 13 years of smoking I just decided I had had enough and wanted to become fitter and smoking would hold me back!

So I went to my local vape store and was helped out by some really helpful gentlemen working there who started my first steps through the overwhelming world of vaping. After one week I had managed to switch from 30 a day cigarettes to 12mg nicotine vaping (even if I did look like a train chaining away!!).

After 3 months I had dropped to 6mg then after 5 months to  3mg and after 7 months made the hardest jump to 0mg where I could just continue and enjoy the 1000s of flavours!

So in 2018 I made the jump and I have not looked back since! I feel healthier and fitter since stopping smoking! 

In early 2019 I decided I wanted to help other people who wanted to quit smoking and also provide for my fellow vapers after meeting some amazing characters through the vape community and that's where Eflavourz comes along!

By June 2019 we established our first Vaping store located at unit 5, The Gauntlet, Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 9DP

All juices are sourced within the UK and all prices are very competitive!

If you have a story or feel inspired by ours message us your story on facebook to @eflavourz and we can share and help the world to move!!

Thanks for reading, We look forward to meeting each of you!